10 EA Play Games You Definitely Have To Try

We talk a lot about Xbox Game Pass, but there are other subscription services that give us access to a large list of advantages and games. Services like EA Play make it clear that subscribing to things is in fashion and it seems that it will remain the present for a few more years. If you do not know very well what it is, or you simply have doubts about how it works, I leave you access to our official guide.

Ah, I forgot. If you are a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you also have access to EA Play, so today’s article is going to be great for you. And it is that I have decided to list 10 games among the 96 available in the Electronic Arts service. Will you accompany me?

Must-have games from EA Play

So that the list is not cheated, I have eliminated entire installments based on what for me is the best of their respective trilogies or sequels. I have also included a game that although its greatest strength is multiplayer as in the case of Bad Company 2, I consider that its campaign is terribly fun and enjoyable today.

Also, although there are some other sequels, I have included them because I consider that they are enjoyable without having played the original delivery. So without further ado, I leave you the complete list.

  1. Dragon Age: Origins.
  2. Dead Space.
  3. Mass Effect 2.
  4. Zuma’s Revenge.
  5. Titanfall II.
  6. Battlefield Bad Company 2.
  7. Army of Two.
  8. Alice Madness Return.
  9. Crysis.
  10. Mirror’s Edge.

If you have not gotten any of them yet, my advice is that it is never too late to play them and they have precisely aged really well.

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