20 years of unique Xbox moments

It is finally November 15 and, as if it were our birthday, we are all celebrating. Because, although we are not one year old (congratulations to whom if) today is the anniversary of the launch of the first Xbox by Microsoft. His irruption in the world of video games took place on a day like today 20 years ago.

20 years … who was going to say. Xbox enters the adolescent and rebellious phase that we all go through in full physicality and with a great future ahead of us. Not in vain, the 2022 that they have prepared for us is coming strong … or at least that is what the signs suggest. Although with these young people you can never tell.

From Generación Xbox we want to join the celebrations and congratulations of the brand in the best way we know how: with a compilation of the best moments that the passage of time has left us. Yes, we are the typical friend who makes a video with all the memorable moments of our life … And who knows how to make us smile. And that is what we are looking for today: to remember with joy and longing past moments that gave us to write rivers and rivers of ink and that, of course, also served to excite us.

The first family photo with Tito The Rock

Let’s start with the first image. After the official presentation of the new Microsoft console, which represented its irruption in the world of video games with its own system, Bill Gates, head of the company at that time, was excited and smiling with his new creation. And for the occasion he had one of the personalities of the moment and today, such as The Rock. Some photos to frame and a good memory.

Halo 2 and how to turn a game into a legendary saga

You can’t talk about Xbox without talking about Halo and the Master Chief, a prominent figure in the system. The first title came as a great standard-bearer for the Original Xbox, but it was its second part that left us with our mouths open in its presentation in 2002 and subsequent launch in 2004.

The future begins here and now

These were the first words of E3 2006 at the Microsoft conference, where we got to see the Xbox 360 for the first time. The new generation console from Redmond that promised to change the industry started the show in style, with a first great promotional video in the purest 2000 style.

Peter Moore and his temporary tattoos: GTA IV

Who does not remember the great Peter Moore, former Microsoft executive and protagonist of one of the most legendary moments of E3. It was 2006 when Peter took the stage to show the first preview of GTA IV, the new Rocktar game that would arrive on Xbox 360. To open his speech, good old Moore rolled up his sleeve and showed us a tattoo (temporary, yes) with the official logo of the game. We cannot think of a more original way.

The arrival of the first Final Fantasy on Xbox: Final Fantasy XIII

Yes, believe it or not, until 2006 Final Fantasy was a franchise that had not yet set foot on Xbox. And he did it in a big way, even with a special edition of Xbox 360. And yes, there was also “controversy.”

Kinect, new horizons and new goals

It was not worth Microsoft to demonstrate its power, if not that it has always looked for a way to innovate. And the result of all this was Kinect. A great idea and a great concept … that perhaps did not get along quite well, especially on Xbox One. But you learn from mistakes, or so they say. Although we have to admit that thanks to Kinect we have experienced some of the most hilarious moments….

Kinect and Tsunoda, the rebellion against the creator

And speaking of the creation of Kinect, we cannot forget when Tsusonda, creator of the device, explained in greater detail at E3 how the system worked. A presentation after the conference where its benefits were seen that ended in a small disaster, since the figure that was seen in the image ended up a little disfigured … Failures of the direct call. A “Well … Bam !!” which came out until yesterday at the 20th anniversary event.

Peter Molineux and the impossible things of Fable

Peter Molineux is a great acquaintance in the industry. Maybe not for all that we think, but it is certainly a personality to take into account. More so when he was able to sell us the new Fable with some impressive options and possibilities (almost impossible) that sadly almost none were fulfilled. That if they were clickbaits….

TV, TV, TV… When Don Mattrick condemned Xbox One

We passed the generation and arrived at the presentation of Xbox One, where the still head of the division nailed the first nail in the coffin of Xbox One. A wrong policy of approach with a focus on TV more than games. The gossips say that Mattrick still continues to say TV every so often … Jokes aside, the presentation and conference directed by Mattrick himself was not entirely successful.

Backward compatibility is back through the big door

One of the big absences on Xbox One was, without a doubt, backward compatibility. A functionality that they said was impossible in that generation of consoles. But Phil Spencer’s team arrived and, almost by magic, implemented backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games in 2015 (two years later those of the original console would arrive). In addition, Microsoft took advantage of the moment for its “sweet little revenge” by launching a video of how this new functionality worked and its cost …

Presentation Project Scorpio, the beginning of a new era

Phil Spencer had set out to bring back the best version of Xbox. For this, he not only brought back compatibility, but at E3 2016 he announced Project Scorpio, the future Xbox One X. What is special in this case is not what but how. Because it was not an announcement as such, but a declaration of intent of what they were creating. In addition, they offered us the internal name of the project, not the official name of the console, and they sent us to a launch more than a year later. A great marketing move that laid the foundation for what I wanted to achieve in the future. And it certainly worked.

Peter the monkey saves the Xbox Series S leak

Laughing at yourself is one of the best virtues anyone can develop. And Microsoft has achieved excellence in that area in recent months. Not only because of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge, but because of the subtle way of confirming the existence of Xbox Series S. After a tremendous night of leaks, Microsoft and Xbox reacted in the best possible way: publishing a single tweet with a single image, the now famous monkey meme. Something that I have already been saved in the imaginary gamer and that without a doubt marked a before and after.

The purchase of Bethesda, a turning point in history

This is one of those crazy moments that we have lived in the newsroom and that we will always remember fondly. A bombshell that nobody expected and that came to us by surprise, without leaks or rumors and that involved the acquisition of one of the most important video game companies, with all its IP’s and its studies. A union that begins to show its strengths with games like Starfield or Redfall, which will arrive exclusively on Xbox.

With this we close our particular review of the history of Xbox and Microsoft. A history where we have had everything and we can only wish the division to celebrate another twenty more years full of games, consoles and unique moments that remain etched in our memory.