2D action adventure gets free DLC “Bleeding Whiskers”

Anyone who has always wanted to know whether rats and toads get along can take a closer look at this hand-drawn 2D adventure. In Tales of Iron you go into the world of rats and fight against the toad clan in a bitter war. The indie action RPG was released just two months ago and developed by Odd Bug Studio. Tails of Iron (from 22,49€ at buy) tells the story of the rat prince Redgi and his fight against the ruthless leader of the frogs, Grünwarz.

The free expansion “Bleeding Whiskers” is now waiting for everyone who has already finished the main story: The DLC starts at the end of the main game and adds a new questline with 5 new bosses. There are also six new weapon skins and five new armor sets for the Rat Knight. In addition, you can explore two new locations and get three new achievements that you can unlock.

Tails of Iron has been available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch since September 17, 2021.