343 Industries released 67 concept arts from the Halo Infinite campaign, it’s breathtaking!

Halo Infinite is still in the final stages of polishing and its campaign is due to be airing again anytime now, after all, the game will be out on December 8th, so it won’t be that long. To provoke us, 343 Industries launched 67 absolutely amazing concept arts and that can take your breath away!

The impression is that the team really got the unique feeling of “Halo” here – the art is beautiful. This artwork represents a wide range of ideas that the team explored early in pre-production. You can see below:

If you are interested and want to see them all, then go to this link. The tweet above has links for if you wanted to download all the images. It really is a spectacle if this is actually implemented in the game. What did you think?