343 Industries shares nine more Halo Infinite images

Halo Infinite is fast approaching – we’re just months away from finally having a new Halo title to play. Along with details about the upcoming technical preview, several other images were shared by 343 Industries.

They were revealed as part of the latest Halo Infinite blog and, although there are some pics in the game, the most interesting part of the lot (in our opinion) is the conceptual art. Along with some close-up shots of various weapons, flags and their AI companion, there’s an absolutely stunning glimpse of a Halo ring that fans will love.

Anyway, enough of the small talk. Here are the images you came to see:

As we reported above, the most interesting for us would be this- Multiplayer Map Concept Art ‘Behemoth‘ no Zeta Halo:

What do you think of the new Halo Infinite images? Leave us a comment and let us know.