4 driving games you must try if you are a fan of the genre

As a lover of the world of cars, racing and video games, the web could not miss a text in which to review and express what they are for me the best driving games you should try. It’s been many years with Xbox, in my case about 18. Starting with the wonderful Original Xbox, going through the best time in Xbox 360 and continuing my journey in One and Series.

Throughout all this time I have been able to enjoy a great selection of titles of all types, from marveling at Ghost Recon to laughing and enjoying Conker and Blinx. But in this note I am not going to throw nostalgia, as I said at the beginning and at the risk of falling into redundancy, we are going to talk about the four current driving games that in my opinion, you should play.

Fun, speed and simulation. The best driving games

Before starting, I confirm that all these games are much more enjoyable if you can afford a steering wheel. It is a completely different feeling. It’s advice, not an imposition, but believe me it radically changes the way you enjoy one of these games.

And now I am going to start with my favorite, the game that I played the most hours this year and that undoubtedly still have many more ahead of me.

Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Motorsport 7 It is a must if you like circuit games since it has more than 700 cars to drive. This seventh installment of Turn 10 came out in 2017 being the last numbered installment and the tenth in the Forza saga, also counting the Horizon branch. Turn 10 and Microsoft have confirmed the development of the new installment of this series which surely comes with very good changes in this regard.

The new Forza Motorsport doesn’t have a set release date yet, but it will presumably be late 2022. As long as it arrives or not, do yourself a favor and play one of the best semi-simulation games on the market.

Forza Horizon 5

How could it be otherwise, if you live on Earth you have heard about the spectacular launch of Forza Horizon 5. A game that already has more than 14 million players. While it is true that from personal experience I prefer circuit games, the Horizons never disappoint. I repeat, they never disappoint and are a more than safe bet.

This time you will be able to explore the vastness of Mexico and its different biomes. Day / night cycle and changing weather. Street races, rallies, cross country … It has everything so that you can compete or simply walk and discover every corner of such a beautiful country. Here you have a more in-depth analysis.

F1 2021

Although it is a delivery that has suffered a lot of criticism and bugs, I consider this F1 2021 a worthy option to play if you like that world. Cars and circuits faithful to reality, fun and worked physics and a cooperative career mode which makes the fun even more.

Don’t expect any overwhelming number of cars or tracks, you’re playing an officially licensed F1 game, so the numbers stick to the actual championship. This is no problem, its career mode, time trial and mode My team make this game a key piece for F1 lovers. Without leaving behind your story mode “Breaking Point”.

And we couldn’t finish this note without another great delivery. A delivery that delights players who want something more “arcade” and that unleashes tremendous potential from the X / S Series.

Dirt 5

I couldn’t leave out Dirt 5, the latest installment in the saga. His 2020 release impressed all of us with how good he looked on Xbox Series X / S. Besides that, its more arcade gameplay makes it a game that ensures fun for practically all audiences.

In this installment you will be able to enjoy Rallycross, buggies, slopes almost impossible to climb … It has everything to have a good time alone, with family or friends. Therefore, I add it to one of the sure bets that you will not be disappointed. But shhhh, the entry does not end here, we will have a special mention.

Special mention: Project Gotham Racing 4

PGR4 is a gem which had to be mentioned yes or yes. Ok, it came out in 2007 and we are already talking about many years of difference but the fun that this marvel can continue to offer is impressive. The PGR saga is an arcade driving game in which you can drive real models of vehicles. In its fourth installment the motorcycles were implemented for the first time.

In addition to that, the game rewards the most skilled or reckless players as they will receive the famous “kudos”, the fictitious currency of the game. Despite having an arcade handling as I already mentioned, in this installment you could perfectly notice the different behaviors of the vehicles, especially in the change of weather. Unfortunately PGR 4 is not backward compatible, you will need an Xbox 360 to play it, but if you have the chance to do so, do so.

“How can we know the limits if we do not try to exceed them?”

This is my list of the most recommended. Would you change any?