6 tips to improve significantly in Halo Infinite multiplayer

As many of you know, Halo Infinite has been the game that most motivated us Xbox fans this year. During these last months we have had at our disposal a set of game modes in its free multiplayer, which has delighted both old and new fans.

Even if we are enjoying all the content 343 Industries has added right now, there will always be someone who needs help and has a hard time getting the victory. Therefore, today I come to tell you all the tips that have been very useful to me from the moment I decided to join this multiplayer arena. So without further ado, let’s go!

1. Train yourself in the shooting gallery

When I first entered PVP I must say that I had a hard time adjusting to the handling and recoil of each of the available weapons. Of course, when a new game is launched you must adapt to its playable schemes that have been established, but since 343 they thought about it and that is why we have the shooting gallery at our disposal.

A place where we can practice with all existing weapons while meeting the set of challenges that are suggested to us. When we are gaining skill in all the difficulty modes that are established, you will know in advance that you are ready to face any other user.

2. Test your skills against bots

When you feel like you’re ready to hit the pitch, you can continue practicing your skills against bots by creating games in training mode. As we learn their fighting patterns, we can increase the difficulty so that we have a greater challenge before us.

What do we get out of all this? Very easy. When enemies controlled by the machine do us more damage, we will be forced to change our tactics and for example, try to land more shots to the head.

3. You will never hit those bullets that you don’t shoot

In every shootout that we are going to start there will always be enemies who make things difficult for us. If we try to flee, we are guaranteed our death. It does not matter what ability you have, since if we stand up to them there will always be a high probability that we will inflict critical damage on them or even that we will win the confrontation.

But beware, not everything is spending the magazines of our weapons. Because we also have at our disposal the launch of grenades against those who are positioned in a specific place or carry out melee attacks. This last option is very effective without a doubt, since when we have inflicted some damage to an enemy or we find ourselves looking in another direction, we can end it in such a way that we do not need to expose our position.

It is important to remember the scheme on which 99% of the confrontations are based: Grenade, shooting and melee. It is like a starter, lunch and dessert, but depending on the moment, the weapon we carry and where we are located we will start with one or the other. However, do not forget, it is the triangle that dominates the multi of Halo Infinite.

4. Don’t be afraid to modify the control schemes

During the several years that I have been participating in the online mode of its different deliveries, I have had the opportunity to put myself at the controls of all the control schemes that have been developed by default.

It is true that to start playing it is very useful and intuitive, but with the passage of time you could surely adapt, for example, by changing the melee hit button to a more accessible one. Therefore, it is one of the tips that I recommend the most is that when venturing into this competitive facet.

What is the best of all the available combinations? Well, in this aspect I have to say that they all work quite well and there is none that is of greater advantage. In this regard, I urge you to go to the configuration section and try them depending on the accessibility needs you want.

5. You just can’t, with allies, yes

In every shooter I have played, I have always found that doing it with friends is more fun and Halo Infinite is no exception. Thanks to all the advice that my colleagues have given me over the years, I have been able to improve my skills in terms of movement and precision. You never start out being the best that is clear, but it never hurts to get together with someone who has more experience than you and take advantage of it.

Don’t you have anyone to play with? That is not a problem. On the Xbox Generation Discord server you can find a multitude of active users who are willing to play with you. This initiative was created as a space in which to talk and play with other fans and therefore, right now it serves as an example so that no Spartan should fight alone.

6. Adjust settings and remove unnecessary options

Just a few days ago we launched a simple but excellent way to improve the Halo Infinite multi by changing three settings. Increasing the field of vision and deactivating the options “Skip” and “Climb automatically” will serve to significantly improve your experience. See how to do it in our previous article.

Have any of these tips helped you? Remember that Halo Infinite is available in all its glory for Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC and Cloud Gaming.