A brief gameplay from the Halo Infinite campaign appears on the internet, here is ‘The Conservatory’ mission

A few international sites had the privilege of playing a good part of the Halo Infinite campaign, and because of that they are making available some gameplay without spoilers on the internet. This time we have five more minutes of ‘The Conservatory’ mission in action thanks to IGN.

While the multiplayer mode is already released in its open beta for everyone, and has broken records with more than 270,000 simultaneous players at its launch. Expectations for the campaign are high, so it’s always good to take a quick peek to satiate our curiosity a little.

Remembering, there are no spoilers here, so you can calmly watch:


Check out five minutes of gameplay at ‘The Conservatory‘, a quest that takes place a few hours after the Halo Infinite campaign starts. This gameplay shows a battle with the Skimmers, as well as a weapon that is new to Infinite: the Cindershot.

Halo Infinite will be released on the day December 8th de 2021 para PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X e Xbox Series S. Assinantes do Xbox Game Pass will be able to play it at no extra cost.

And what do you think? Looking forward to playing? Leave your thoughts.