A new update for the event strategy brings support for Steam Workshop, among other things

Manage festivals that start small and suddenly become huge events: With this concept, Festical Tycoon, Johannes Gbler’s solo project, has gained Early Access on Steam since the end of September. Continuous updates ensure that the title gets better and better.

With the fourth major update that has now been released, the mix of building game, management and real-time strategy has another important component: Steam Workshop is now supported so that you can design your own logos for sponsors and other companies or locations and share them with other players . At the same time, the possible map size was adjusted, which now allows twice as large areas as at the start of the title.

Also not entirely unimportant for a game that primarily revolves around music festivals: individual music. From now on you can use your own song library so that nothing stands in the way of the virtual competition to Rock im Park / Rock am Ring. You can see the complete list of changes here.

Festival Tycoon is available for the PC and has been in the Early Access phase since September 27, 2021.

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