A Survival Journey und As Far As The Eye

Amazon gives an overview of games that will be available at Prime Gaming in February 202S. Prime Gaming is included with Amazon Prime membership.

There will be five free games in December including Double Kick Heroes, Golazo! Soccer League or Stellaris. For a limited time, Amazon Prime members can pick up these offers at gaming.amazon.com.

Descriptions of the games from Amazon:

  • Stellaris – In this grand strategy game, players will explore a galaxy of wonders, interact with alien species, discover alien worlds full of unexpected events, and expand the Empire’s sphere of influence in a variety of ways.
  • Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey – Players embark on a journey through a harsh world with no rules or laws in this non-linear, narrative-driven survival simulation. They must guide their companions, gather food and equipment, and overcome moral dilemmas to achieve one of the 34 possible endings.
  • As Far As The Eye – In this turn-based roguelike resource management game, players build a nomadic village to travel with their tribe to the center of the world. Procedurally generated situations, natural phenomena, ability trees and difficult decisions await you on your way.
  • Double Kick Heroes – On the highway to hell you have to slaughter your way through hordes of zombies in 24 levels of madness.
  • Golazo! Soccer League – The dynamic arcade soccer title promises a lot of fun, without fouls and offside rule.

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As usual, there is again a lot of “in-game content” (formerly Twitch Drops) for running games that contain e.g. skins, bonus items or in-game currency, e.g. for Two Point Hospital (one of the free games in January), Roblox, Fall Guys and more.

All offers are redeemable at gaming.amazon.com. As always with Prime Gaming, all content is available for a limited time only.

“Prime members have unlimited access to an ever-growing library of great PC games, with new titles being added every week. The selection rotates to keep titles interesting, so it’s best to check back every week to pick up the latest games. Prime Gaming offers hundreds of dollars worth of titles and in-game content available at any time – and all games are yours forever”, writes Amazon.

Below is the current Prime Gaming calendar:

Available now

  • Apex Legends – Core Crafted Pathfinder Bundle
  • Battlefield 2042 – Prime Gaming Reward Bundle #2
  • Black Desert Mobile – Prime All-Inclusive Plus Chest
  • Blankos – Mashup Item Bundle
  • Call of Duty – Circuit Board Bundle, Delicate & Deadly Bundle
  • Fall Guys – Doodles the Clown costume und 6,500 kudos
  • FIFA – Prime Gaming Pack 4
  • For Honor – Champion Status, 2 Scavenger Crates + BP
  • Legends of Runeterra – Tier 3 Prismatic Chest, Epic Wildcard
  • Madden – Prime Playoff Pack: 1x 94 OVR Troy Polamalu (NCAT Player)
  • New World – Sorcerer’s Finery Pack
  • Red Dead Online 30% discount on an Arabian (Horse)
  • Rainbow Six Siege – 7 Tage Renown Booster
  • Roblox – Futuristic Mech Sled
  • Rainbow Six Extraction – Rubicon Phase
  • Splitgate – Nebula Sniper Skin, Nebula Assault Rifle Skin, Nebula Pistol Skin, Nebula Portal Skin
  • Warframe – Verv Ifrit Kubrow Armor

  • January 31 Last chance to get STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order, Total War: Warhammer, World War Z: Aftermath, Two Point Hospital, WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship, Abandon Ship, In Other Waters, Paper Beast – Folded Edition, Fahrenheit : Secure Indigo Prophecy Remastered

  • 1. Februar Kostenlose Spiele mit Prime- Stellaris, Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey, As Far as the Eye, Double Kick Heroes, Golazo! Soccer League
  • 1. Februar Blankos – Accessory Bundle
  • 2. Februar Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: War of the Visions – Select Awakening Prism x50 Summon Ticket
  • 2. Februar Mobile Legends Bang Bang – Amazon Prime Chest
  • 3. Februar Grand Theft Auto Online – $100k GTAO
  • 3. Februar Paladins – Heartbreaker Tyra skin
  • 3. Februar SMITE – Mysterious Warrior Mulan
  • 7. Februar Lords Mobile – Pack F: Warlord Pack
  • 9. Februar Roblox – UFO Hat
  • 10. Februar Dead by Daylight – “Love Hurts” Outfit
  • 10. Februar Grand Theft Auto Online – $100k GTAO
  • 15. Februar Legends of Runeterra – Tier 3 Prismatic Chest & 3 Rare Wildcards
  • 16. Februar Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: War of the Visions – Select Element Fragment of Thought x50 Summon
  • February 16 Mobile Legends Bang Bang – Popol and Kupa-Hunting Pals
  • February 17th Grand Theft Auto Online – $100k GTAO (up to $400k per month)
  • 21. Februar Lords Mobile – Pack A: Progression Pack
  • 21. Februar PUBG: Battlegrounds – Gold G-Coin Box, contraband coupon x 10, polymer x 30
  • 22. Februar Doom Eternal – There Can Be Oni One Content Pack
  • February 24 Grand Theft Auto Online – $100k GTAO (up to $400k per month)

Available in February

  • Lost Ark Content: Battle with Crystaline Aura, Amethyst Shard Pack and Battle Chest Bundle
  • Two Point Hospital Content-Bundle, inklusive Stealth Mode Bundle: Ninja Outfit, Orrery Statue, Retro Vanity CabinetFebruar

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