A World Apart: Prosperity: Expansion Comes in October

Prosperity, the first expansion for Endzone – A World Apart (from 26,99€ at will be released on October 21, 2021. The focus of the add-on is on a new generation of settlers who have more sophisticated needs and who want to bring the settlements a step forward thanks to new luxury goods and more modern buildings.

In Prosperity, a new era begins for the survivors with previously unknown goods to improve the quality of life – such as soap, beer, cake and coffee or resources such as sand, concrete, metal and cement, which ensure improved constructions. These luxury goods also bring with them increased demands and needs of the new civilization. Additional technology and research are helping to satisfy these. To ensure the well-being of the new generation, new buildings will have to be erected, such as water pumps, sand works, a concrete factory, aqua farms and more. In addition, three scenarios are planned that are tailored to the overarching topic of “new generation”.

“The brave settlers in Endzone – A World Apart fought for bare survival, defying toxic rain, radioactivity and drought. As a result of these achievements, an undreamt-of zeal is now stirring among the survivors. Now it is no longer just about survival, but also about making dreams and wishes come true. With ‘Prosperity’ the settlements begin to flourish: the new generation looks with hope for a safer and happier future. While their predecessors worked hard to lead a meager existence in a world who wanted to see them dead, this new generation finally has the chance to enjoy life – be it with a nice soap bath or a cold beer. “

Last current video: Prosperity | Gameplay trailer