About Battlefield 2042 bots and their moves

Battlefield 2042 was, until its launch, one of my most anticipated titles of the year, not only because of how much I enjoy the saga when playing with friends, but also because for me it was the return of one of the features that I missed the most: the bots. Surely, many of you who read this were too young to remember it, but until Battlefield 2, the titles of the saga included a mode to play against the AI, which was not spectacular, but without a doubt it served its purpose: to entertain.

Unfortunately, when 2042 was released, the general criticism hit the title quite hard and with good reason I have to say: the connection problems, the exaggerated dispersion of the bullets, the lack of some basic content such as a leaderboard within the games and the little care technical section, are just a few examples that made this new installment of Battlefield a total and utter disappointment as an experience.

Even so, there was something in which very few made some emphasis, and that was precisely what interested me the most: the section for a single player, known here as games with bots, a topic that brings us together today, in this humble corner of the internet.

An entertaining and well-worked experience

The first thing I have to say is that if you haven’t read anything about the game yet, I recommend you give the game a read. analysis we have on the web, which will put you up to date with everything that the latest installment of the DICE shooter has to offer. Said analysis makes mention of the existence of bots within the game, which were initially designed so that each multiplayer game is filled by them in case of missing players, an idea that is undoubtedly excellent for the huge maps designed for 128 Players (on current PC and consoles) don’t feel so empty. This by default already gives us to understand that, as in titles such as Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, For Honor or even the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, the game has an option to play alone with bots, which although not It is super complex, it has what it takes to entertain us.

The first thing to note is that we only have, officially, two modes which can be played individually without problems: Conquest and Breakthrough, both part of the All Out War section. These modes will only allow us to select the difficulty of the AI, in addition to the map in which we want to play, thus leaving any other option that we would like to modify, exclusive to the Battlefield Portal section, in which we can, through its official website, create games of the classic modes of the previous games or even find some already created by the community, which can be played entirely against bots if we wanted.

Even so, I have to say that although I expected the bots to work as badly as those in Fortnite or PUBG Lite, I was really surprised to realize that they not only work, but also make our games more really entertaining, at least for players who take it easy. The three difficulties are undoubtedly very well done, and will really present us with a quite respectable challenge, similar to what happens with the For Honor AI in custom games, which is complemented by the fact that in addition to moving , shoot and meet targets, AI can control vehicles, drop ammo and med kits, escape from heavy damage, and even flank enemies when playing Breakthrough mode.

Likewise, these have several limitations, since unfortunately we will not see them fly fighter planes, attack melee, use the exclusive equipment of the operators (such as the healing gun or the hook), and even, despite that it is not uncommon to see them resurrect soldiers on the battlefield, at no time did I have the fortune that they will try to do the same with me.

Editorial: On Battlefield 2042 bots and their moves - Battlefield 2042 bots are good, very good and although they are not worth paying for the product alone, they should be highlighted.

Championship Bots… Not Worth Paying For Yet

Between the two modes of All Out War, those that we can find / create in Portal and how well worked the AI ​​is, without a doubt that the individual experience of Battlefield 2042 is among the most entertaining that I tried in terms of bots, and Without a doubt, it is something that I would recommend at any price that is asked… that at least, if we lived in a perfect world. Unfortunately, reality is not as perfect as we would like, and several of the problems that still persist in this installment end up affecting the experience with bots in one way or another. The music, although not very present, is so horrible that it almost always took me out of the experience when it appeared, the slow progress system does not help to give almost no variety to the gameplay, since if they are one of those who stick to only one class of weapons, they will spend quite a few hours using the same one until they manage to unlock the next one, and worst of all and most unjustifiable still, is that at least in the Xbox One version, even if we only play against bots, it is not uncommon running into an interesting amount of lag, the kind that will make us insult like good old Tano Pasman.

That is why personally, I cannot currently recommend that you spend so much money buying this title to play against the AI, since although it is very entertaining, it still has a long way to go to be in optimal conditions. Still, I can’t deny that I enjoyed the hours of fun I got a lot, and to this day I still maintain that, despite the problems, this is the path that Battlefield should follow in the future with its single player content. , since although I knew how to enjoy the attempt to copy what Call of Duty does with its campaigns, I will always appreciate much more, that said content does not lose the essence of what the saga is, and that as far as possible they end up giving us something like what Battlefront 2 of 2004 did, with the excellent campaign of the 501 squad.