About to acquire mobile giant Zynga for nearly $ 13 billion

This is a real hammer and financially more difficult than the purchase of Lucasfilm Ltd by Disney and the takeover of Bethesda by Microsoft: The Take-Two Interactive group wants to take over the mobile giant Zynga. This deal is said to have a financial volume of nearly $ 13 billion and is expected to be completed by the end of June this year.

According to the latest reports, both parties have already agreed on the takeover, but there are still some hurdles to overcome and bureaucratic details to clear. Once the deal is in the dust, there could be some exciting future for players around the world as Take-Two plans a large-scale expansion into the mobile market with well-established brands. So it could well happen that you will be able to play franchises like GTA, Red Dead Redemption and Bioshock on mobile platforms in the foreseeable future. Offshoots from Civilization, Borderlands or the basketball game series NBA 2K are also conceivable.

So far, however, there have been no specific announcements in this regard. It is only certain that Take-Two Interactive will, with the help of the Zynga takeover, put more than one leg into the rapidly growing mobile gaming market.

In addition, Take Two managing director Strauss Zelnick announced in an investor meeting that VGC cited that they would continue to be interested in acquisitions. However, Zelnick was not more precise in this regard.