Achievement list that emerged suggests a new edition of the N64 classic

For the 25th anniversary of the classic, fans of Goldeneye 007 can look forward to a revised new edition of the then groundbreaking shooter. Just recently, a brand new list of Achievements popped up on the internet suggesting an Xbox version of Goldeneye 007. So far, the 1997 title has only been released for Nintendo 64. In Germany, the game was even indexed for a long time and was only removed from the list in autumn 2021.

The list of Xbox achievements was revealed by the True Achievements website. A total of 55 successes with a gamerscore value of 1,000 were discovered here. Two different accounts have already activated the achievements. The accounts apparently belong to two developers at Rare – the former studio of Goldeneye 007. A version for Xbox 360 was already in development many years ago, but due to licensing problems it never saw the light of day. It’s also been almost a year since gameplay material for the 007 project surfaced. Among other things, players would have had the opportunity to switch between old and new graphics at the push of a button. 60 FPS and 4K were also part of the discontinued new edition of Rare. Perhaps the game will celebrate its comeback after all.