Achievement Seekers Shouldn’t Ignore ‘The Gardens Between’ on Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft announced the next batch of games that will be removed from the Xbox Game Pass recently, with six titles set to go out of service on Nov. 15, and if you’re an achievement hunter, The Gardens Between must be on your radar.

The Gardens Between is a puzzle game in which you manipulate time to complete each level, and besides being a fun game in its own right, you can get the entire gamerscore for just one hour of work.

There are many guides to help with this, like the YouTube video below, and don’t forget that you can win 50 Microsoft Rewards points every day when completing an achievement (in any game), so maybe it’s another good opportunity!

While chasing achievements can be a little work at times, The Gardens Between is a great way to spend an hour of your time while earning. 1000 points gameplay with very little effort. just make sure you do this before November 15th!

Have you ever played The Gardens Between? Let us know what you think in the comments below.