Activision employee excited to work on Bethesda IPs

If you don’t live in a cave, you should already know that Activision Blizzard is going through serious management problems and even a lack of human rights was found there, and Microsoft, owner of Xbox, will have a big job to restructure the approximately ten thousand employees that will arrive after the completion of the acquisition.

There are many doubts about this, and one of them is whether the Call of Duty franchise will continue annual or not. Remembering that there are several and several studios that work on this IP, and maybe releasing them to work on other products can come out great games too.

Ben Coleman, level designer at Sledgehammer Games, the studio responsible for Call of Duty: Vanguard, has already stated that he would be very happy to contribute to the saga DOOM of Bethesda.

He said the following:

Coleman: Doom. I want to work on Doom.

User: Looks like the Quake reboot is next, but I hope you get the opportunity to do so.

Coleman: It was developing a level of Quake that started my career, so I love a little bit of Quake too.

If you stop to think a little, you will see that Xbox Game Studios brings together the cream of the first person shooter (FPS) with names like DOOM, Halo, Wolfenstein, Fallout, Call of Duty and more. Bringing all these talents together to exchange experiences can create amazing games. Also, it’s nice to see employees eager to work with Microsoft at the helm.