Activities field is expanded to include film, TV and music

The games by cult designer Hideo Kojimo are not only characterized by high quality and sometimes long cutscenes. With his view of game design and the almost unique mixture of playful elements with cinematic elements, he turns titles like Death Stranding, Metal Gear Solid or Zone of the Enders into something special.

In view of the very dynamic boundary between film and games in his projects, the following seems to be an almost inevitable consequence: As his colleagues from report, his company Kojima Productions has founded a new branch in Los Angeles to deal with music, TV and film will take care of it. The department is headed by Riley Russell, who worked for Sony in the PlayStation area for almost 28 years.

“The new department will be tasked with working with creative and talented professionals from television, music, film and the better-known games industry.”
, so Russell. “The team is committed to increasing the reach and awareness of titles under development at Kojima Productions and making them an even stronger part of our pop culture. We look forward to working with the best talent across the entertainment industry . “

“Finding new ways to entertain and add value to our fans is essential in a fast-paced, ever-changing world of storytelling”
, ergnzt Yoshiku Fukuda, Buisness Development Manager bei Kojima Productions. “Our new division will take the studio into even more areas, showcasing our creative narratives beyond video games and giving our fans ways to communicate with and immerse themselves in those areas.”