Actor Ernie Hudson suggests the development of a new game

After the successful movie Ghostbusters Legacy, which appeased the fans with an all-female troupe after the not particularly popular reboot, the ghost hunters seem to be back in business at the moment. And it looks like a brand new game is currently in development. At least that’s what actor Ernie Hudson revealed at an event in Texas. According to the transcript from Ghostbusters News, the old crew will at least partially be seen in the new game in virtual form – he said that he and at least Dan Aykroyd were involved. At what time the project will take place, however, Ernie Hudson did not give any details.

Some time ago rumors were spreading that the Illfonic development team should be working on a Ghostbusters title. In the past, the studio was responsible for games like Friday the 13th: The Game and Predator: Hunting Grounds. Both titles focused on the asymmetrical multiplayer mode. If the indicated project by Ernie Hudson is the game by Illfonic, this could also be a multiplayer project.