After Redfall, Arkane Studios may be working on a new first-person shooter game

a few months ago Deathloop hit the market (with release for Xbox next year) and Arkane is already thinking about the debut of Redfall, which will arrive exclusively for Xbox and PC consoles during 2022. However, the French studio is now owned by Xbox Game Studios. And now we learn that Arkane Studios could be working on a new first person shooter, as reported by various media after learning about a new job offer for the Lyon-based company that is looking for professionals with AAA experience and gender-related development FPS.

As we mentioned on the GameRant website, this offer is unlikely to be related to Redfall as it is a project with several years of work and is already in the final stages of development. Remember, after Halo Infinite, the next of the first party from Xbox so far is Redfall.

Now, what we don’t know is whether Arkane is looking for employees for a completely new game that we still don’t know anything about, or whether the project in question would be some Deathloop DLC or Redfall DLC. And is that the French company has experience in additional content for their games, as demonstrated by the Dishonored titles or the restart of Prey, all of them with post-release stories that expand on the original story.

Recall that Deathloop is one of six nominees for GOTY at The Game Awards, being one of two Xbox Game Studios games nominated for GOTY 2021, along with Psychonauts 2. In turn, Redfall is scheduled to launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC (also coming directly from the Xbox Game Pass) from mid-year 2022.