Age of Empires 4 on Xbox console? Those responsible will work on this, but it is not guaranteed

Age of Empires IV arrives tomorrow on PCs around the world, including those that do not meet the minimum requirements, and its release there is a question that hangs over fans of the RTS saga: Will there be a Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One version? It’s not the first title of its kind that manages to receive a console adaptation, but so far neither its developers, World Edge and Relic Entertainment, nor Microsoft itself have officially announced that this will happen. However, it seems that not everything is lost.

Adam Isgreen, World Edge’s creative director, participated today in an interview he and Quinn Duffy of Relic Entertainment gave to Italian website Multiplayer. In it, they asked him about a possible version of Age of Empires IV for the console and although don’t promise anything, Isgreen says they will start working after launch to find out how to make this version work in the first place.

“What can we say to console users? Will Age of Empires IV be released on Xbox?”, asks the journalist near the end of the interview.

“We’re thinking about you,” Isgreen replies first, before confirming that as soon as the release ends, they’ll start working on this version: “As soon as we’re done managing the game’s release on the PC, we’ll start thinking about how to make it work on consoles. We don’t have any final plans yet, but that’s when we’re really going to start thinking about it. “

This will at least give Xbox gamers some hope of seeing Age of Empires IV hit consoles in the future. At the moment, yes, it can only be played on PC, the platform on which it is available through the Xbox Game Pass. The game has been well received by critics and we hope players will also be able to enjoy it tomorrow when it finally comes out.