Age of Empires IV sets record for most simultaneous players in the entire series

Xbox Game Pass users are living in an exciting time. And is that waiting for the arrival of Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite in the few remaining weeks of the year, Age of Empires IV is delighting real-time strategy fans. The game came to PC via the Xbox Game Pass for PC, but also on other platforms such as Steam. As a result, Age of Empires IV hits the record for the highest number of concurrent players in the entire series, as confirmed by industry analyst Benji Sales, who specified the exact numbers for this milestone.

According to the data you can see just below these lines, Age of Empires has already reached the figure of 54,127 concurrent users on Steam only, far surpassing the runner-up, Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition , which remained at 38,725 players. The third step of the podium is occupied by Age of Empires 2 itself, but in its normal version. It reached 27,927 at the time. As Benji Sales commented, the data is especially impressive considering that Age of Empires IV has arrived at release and at no additional cost to users of the Xbox Game Pass para PC, which again shows that the Game Pass not only serves as a marketing of great games to the public, but also as a new purchase option if you are interested.

The analyst emphasizes in his message that the number is growing, so still doesn’t seem to be the ceiling of Age of Empires IV, which got off to a very good start among users and expert critics alike. Keeping the essence of the franchise and incorporating some new features to keep the formula fresh, the long awaited Age of Empires IV is now available for PC, also through the Xbox Game Pass for PC, and with some rumors indicating that it could make it to Xbox consoles in the future, as happened with Microsoft Flight Simulator this year.