Alan Wake Remaster is leak target and could be coming soon for Xbox, PS4 and PS5

Alan Wake was an Xbox 360 exclusive who reverted to the game’s creator, Remedy Entertainment, after Microsoft decided not to fund a sequel. Since then, there have been hints from Remedy that the franchise would somehow come back, fueling rumors of a sequel. Now, we have a glimpse of Alan Wake’s first post-Microsoft project for the franchise, and the game is going to the PlayStation for the first time.

As seen by Wario64 on Twitter (definitely leave a follow-up) Alan Wake Remastered has been released on Rakuten Taiwan, complete with a release date at October 5th. Windows Central claims it’s really real, and the game is slated to be unveiled in the very near future for Xbox, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It’s natural to assume this will also make it to the PC. We believe it will be revealed at the Playstation Showcase 2021 which will take place now on September 9th.

Alan Wake tells the story of proprietor Alan, a writer who travels to the Pacific Northwest of America in search of inspiration for his next book. While in the fictional city of Bright Falls, Alan discovers a mysterious force at work in the city, transforming the inhabitants into dark, psychotic reflections of their former self. What’s worse, everything Alan Wake writes seems to be coming true, except that he can’t remember writing down the events that created this strange commotion across town.

In Alan Wake, players use light sources to defeat enemies. As a result, the original game had some of the most impressive lighting effects for the time, complete with Remedy’s excellent writing and signature use of firearms. With Alan Wake Remastered hitting stores, hopefully, we’ll see a resurgence of interest in the franchise, eventually leading to this much sought after sequel. After all, there are rumors that the game Remedy is working on with Epic Games could actually be Alan Wake 2.