Alien creatures flee from the gigantic roller in September

It’s getting colorful and creative in space: The unusual action adventure The Eternal Cylinder by Ace Team (Zeno Clash, Rock of Ages) and Good Shepherd Entertainment has finally got a release date on the official Twitter appearance. The escape of bizarre alien creatures (Trebhums) starts on Thursday, September 30th in the Epic Games Store, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Discover an impressive alien world: You will explore a fantastic world full of unforgettable views and unique landscapes that always has something new to offer.

Uncover ancient secrets: Explore the world and discover a variety of challenging puzzles to be solved and overcome.
Destruction of the world in real time: Everything in the world can be destroyed in real time by the Eternal Cylinder. You must, therefore, always avoid his destructive path in order to survive, while at the same time marveling at the magnificence of his godlike power.

Create your own alien family
: Develop a nomadic herd of unique alien creatures, the Trebhums. You control one Trebhum of the herd, which is followed by the rest, but you can switch to another member of the herd at any time. Explore the world to save more of your siblings and continually expand your family. Control a herd at any time for more
than 20 members, and give each of your Trebhums unique mutations and abilities. You can give each Trebhum its own name and thus deepen the emotional bond between you and the Trebhum family.

Unique mutation system: Although Trebhums are generally weak and start their lives at the bottom of the food chain, they have a unique opportunity to mutate and unlock new skills by consuming natural foods from the game world. Find fruits, plants and alien creatures, of which there is a wide variety, and experiment with them to unlock new powers and game options.

Discover more than 50 mutations
: As you explore the world, you can unlock more than 50 unique mutations, each of which opens up new game options. These include new ways of getting around like flying and swimming, but also new attacks like the ability to spit fire and make loud warning noises. New mutations make it possible for you to explore new areas, and some mutations can be combined with others, whereby you constantly expand and develop the available skills.
* A Trebhum for Everyone: Enjoy lots of varied Trebhum designs and combine mutations to create whimsical creatures. This way, your herd will keep evolving as you explore new areas.

Action-based exploration: The Eternal Cylinder has a rich and engaging story that you will reveal as you explore the expansive alien world. The game covers topics such as family and legacy, as well as the sustainable power of knowledge.

Survival on different levels: In order to survive, you have to manage resources on several levels. These include hydrogenation and various temperatures, which have their specific effects and also influence the load capacity.

Living and breathing ecosystems: The world of The Eternal Cylinder is populated by more than 30 unique, hand-made creatures. These creatures can be smaller than Trebhums or as large as Leviathans, the size of skyscrapers. All creatures have their own AI and display natural, unique behavior. Study them and discover surprising ways to use the natural food chain to their advantage while interacting with all creatures at the same time.

Discover four unique habitats: You can explore four unique habitats, including alien savannas and polluted environments. Each habitat has its own ecosystem with specific creatures. ”