Alien Isolation’s lead designer has joined Rare

The picturesque video game Everwild has long been quiet. The Rare development team belonging to Microsoft Game Studios had already announced the mysterious project at the Xbox Games Showcase in 2019. Since then, the game has almost completely disappeared from the scene. But now there seems to be some momentum in the development again. Former Alien Isolation chief designer Gary Napper joins the Everwild team as design director.

“I’m very excited to announce today that I’m at Rare as Design Director for Everwild,” affirmed Napper. A new executive in the design area was also necessary for Everwild for a long time. According to a report from VGC, the previous creative director Simon Woodroffe left the project and the game “restarted from scratch”. This means a complete overhaul of the design and direction of the game as well as significant changes in the management level.

This also explains, for example, Everwild’s absence at this year’s Xbox Games Showcase. Xbox Game Studio boss Matt Booty spoke in a “Kinda Funny Games” interview on YouTube last month about the challenges Rare was facing and said it was part of the creative process.

Commenting on the current state of the Everwild team, he said, “They’re just trying to make sure they have something special. We’ve given a little glimpse into the world and seen the team’s graphic style, but we want to get it right,” Booty added: “We’ll reveal more about Everwild when the team has some cool stuff to show. We know that the anticipation is great and we don’t want to keep things a secret for too long. ”At what point in time new information is shared by Rare and whether Everwild still looks the same as it did a year ago, he did not mention.

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