All announcements from N7 Day 2021

Developer BioWare celebrated the so-called N7 Day again this year on November 7th with several announcements about Mass Effect. Among other things, fans could look forward to a new artwork for the next game in the Sci-Fi series. The picture was shared on Twitter with the text “Mass Effect will continue”. However, there were no new details about the upcoming title.

Other highlights of N7 Day included the announcement of a Kickstarter campaign where fans can purchase a replica of the famous Citadel space station. In November 2022, the licensed collector’s item will then be sent to all fans who have supported the project with at least $ 199.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition (for testing) will also be available at a lower price on Steam, Origin and the Xbox Store until Monday evening. New merchandise for the Sci-Fi series is also on the way. BioWare hopes the team can meet up with fans again at events in 2022 to talk about the future of Mass Effect. There is no release for the new game yet. In December 2020, “The Next Mass Effect” was announced with a teaser.

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