Although understandable, that E3 2022 is not in person is a bitch

By now in the movie you’ve heard the news. And if not, I’ll tell you about it. E3 2022 will not be face-to-face due to the rate of infections that the Omicron variant is accumulating in the United States. This has forced the organization to act quickly so that time is not thrown over them and they can organize something decent because the previous one was… well, it could be improved.

However, this text is not at all a reproach to the organization. It is a release. I understand the decision and respect it deeplyBut my selfish inner child is afraid of going back to the soporific format of online events. These events reminded us how much face-to-face events were missing. And the thing is that even the ‘Pescadería Paqui’ in my neighborhood would set up an online event for you … a stupor.

The E3 is lights, spectacle and the voices of the people

For me, videogame fairs are something else, and I’ve been to quite a few inside and outside the country. They’re show business, Keanu Reeves yelling “You’re Breathtaking!”… It is seeing Mr. Cafeina from Ubisoft or Phil Spencer take the stage to announce the purchase of a new studio or that the next great game of [INSERTE ESTUDIO AQUI] it will be exclusive to Xbox. It’s seeing the palms and screams of euphoric people… I think you get it. It may seem silly to you, but when I have talked to my friends who are not related to video games about the subject, I always put the simile that for me an E3 is like watching a Champions League final.

A lot of magic is lost when the manager on duty is announcing the future of his company to you in a Zoom talk at 480p. That that is another, I hope that this year those responsible for each event update their cameras, because if something became clear in 2021 it is that this was needed.

If this year there is not going to be an E3 as such, I pray to all the gods that exist in all religions to spare us the extensive talks of developers talking about how they move pixels in their new graphics engine. What to see, cool, but this is not the time for that.

If this E3 2022 is not going to be face-to-face, I want games, games and more games

The good thing about the announcement coming early in the year is that all companies have time to prepare. Maybe this year Microsoft will give us something cohesive with Bethesda like last year in a conference longer than usual, I have zero doubts that Redmond will give a lot of play this year. In fact I especially liked last year’s one for the rhythm, games, advertisements and nothing else that muddied the atmosphere. At least I hope this year is similar.

I am convinced that with this extra time, those responsible for the game companies will prepare a better show with everything they learned from 2020 and 2021. The recipe is easy: game announcements, trailers for more games, and new content for games. Everything else is superfluous.