An SSD Storage Adapter for Xbox Series X|S Can Save You Money

With game size increasing and more Xbox Series X|S titles hitting the market, storage is almost becoming a necessity. Unfortunately, the options available at the moment are quite expensive, with Seagate’s SSD cards costing more than two thousand reais. That said, a new report has emerged suggesting that a new SSD adapter could be used, potentially saving money in the long run.

According to Hermitage Akihabara (via Tom’s Hardware), a Chinese company has released the conversion adapter Sintech DIY CFexpress Card PA-CFEM2-C, which supposedly allows users to install M.2-2230 SSDs specific to the Xbox Series X|S weaponry cards.

It is currently available for $35.99 (BRL 197), and claims it is for use with the SSD 2230 M.2 nVME on Xbox. This means that no old SSDs can be fitted, as the Xbox architecture only supports certain builds, so you would need to use something like WD Blue CH SN530 from Western Digital, says Tom’s Hardware.

If you can find the right parts to make it work, you can save a lot, but of course this is not an Xbox licensed product, so you run the risk of running into problems. It was reported that an alternative storage option could arrive later this year in the form of the Seagate 512GB. Although it’s not confirmed, it seems very likely and it’s worth waiting to see if it happens.

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