An Xbox developer admits that dynamic backgrounds use a lot of memory

One of the new functions and features brought to the Xbox Series X|S consoles has been the dynamic themes, which breathed new life into the Xbox’s main desktop. Many fans have been asking for more customization, but unfortunately it’s difficult as an Xbox developer has admitted that dynamic themes use a lot of console memory.

Through her official Twitter account, Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie responded to a gamer who asked her after a post in which she mentioned the new dynamic wallpapers that were added. The player asked why the achievement videos or clips couldn’t be placed as dynamic backgrounds on the main screen, to which Marie responded clearly and accurately.

Everything seems to indicate that the RAM memory intended for use at the beginning of the Xbox Dashboard is limited, so adding videos or clips would far exceed that limit, not allowing this function. Eden Marie said (translated): “Unfortunately, you will never see full motion video shot. There is not enough memory at the beginning for this”. For this reason, gamers who want to use videos as their wallpaper may not be happy with this news.

However, fans really liked the dynamic themes option, with new options being added all the time that make the console more customizable. We will have to wait to see if in the future they will allow this option thanks to an operating system configuration, but today and in the short term, this option is not possible.