Analysis reveals that The Medium for PS5 doesn’t have Ray Tracing, unlike the Xbox Series X

The Medium will be released on PlayStation 5 tomorrow, September 3rd. Bloober Team’s adventure was released on January 28th for PC and Xbox Series X|S directly on Game Pass, and was one of the first games with horror touches of the next generation. The ElAnalistaDeBits channel made a graphic comparison with the rest of the versions and the result shows some differences in optimization.

According to this analysis, PS5 game does not include Ray Tracing effects, something that was present in the Xbox Series X in reflections and ambient occlusion. The lighting and ambient occlusion on the PS5 has small changes that according to the analysis in some places gives good results and in others not so much. “In the initial area, for example, they changed the direction of the light, completely modifying the lighting in the rooms.”

Losing Ray Tracing causes the PS5’s dynamic resolution to increase. Like Series X, it uses dynamic 4K and that makes it possible to make its resolution higher. The frame rate still targets 30 fps, but you might see more glitches – especially in kinematics – something that can feel more unstable.

Shadows undergo some changes due to the lighting adjustments mentioned above, and in certain places, such as outdoors, they are harsher than on other platforms. “Anisotropic filtering improves slightly on the PS5 compared to the Series X,” he says in the comparison, while textures are identical across all versions.

Overall, the Playstation 5 offers a great performance in the game, but for that the team thought it best to remove the Ray Tracing, an effect that has been one of the flagships of this generation and that gives a more realistic look to the game, it’s a shame who couldn’t bring it to Sony’s console,