Apparently at least three new games will appear for PlayStation

Leon-x wrote: ?Yesterday 13:52

How can you actually be assured by a third party that games really appear? Money has to flow for the insurance. Apart from the time-exclusive deals for game modes where suitcases of money are really handed over.

Such contracts are made at an early stage, probably also to secure the development. Just like time-exclusive deals, you want to calculate on both sides and have the marketing plan ready.
It is clear to me that MS will secure CoD exclusively, unless there are conditions because of the deal or one hopes for counter-deals from Sony. Of course the Playsie CoD players are flushing in a lot of money, but some are likely to switch platforms for CoD and the Game Pass will be pushed even more if it is exclusive.
Of course, it can also be that MS thinks they want to stay multiplatform with this series so as not to be too much of the bad guy. But I can’t imagine that, because in 2-3 years when the deal is through, the waves will be smoother.