Arc Raiders, the new game from the studio of Patrick Söderlund (ex-CEO of DICE) will be presented on December 9th

When someone like Patrick Söderlund, the former managing director of DICE and chief design officer of Electronic Arts, is involved in building a new studio, expectations and curiosity rise. But after the news that he had founded Embark Studios together with other industry veterans and former DICE colleagues, the team became very quiet.

But now things are moving: As the studio reports with a video published on Twitter, one of their previously unannounced projects will be officially presented on December 9th. Since the Game Awards will take place on the night of December 9th and 10th and the tweet was also shared on the feed of the event, it can be assumed that Arc Raiders will be presented there on a larger scale with a detailed video.

A look at the Embark website reveals that Arc Raiders is an ambitious project. The game has left the prototype phase and is now in the correct production phase. According to the developer, Arc Raiders is being developed on Epic’s Unreal Engine. Regarding the game content itself, the developers write: “A game that is set in a distant future and in which the aim is to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles by working together.” Hopefully, interested parties will learn what that means tomorrow.

Arc Raiders is the first project of the Swedish development studio and its main features were presented at the beginning of 2019. Back then, the studio was still in its infancy. A team of 50 developers was working on the title at the time. Embark now employs around 200 people and is already working on another game, which is probably a team-based PVP shooter. The game doesn’t have a title yet, but some concept art already exists. They show a soldier with an oni mask, a cowgirl with a samurai sword, a child with a hoodie and kitsune mask and a classic samurai. How it all fits together has not yet been explained in detail by Embark.