At the beginning of October we showed our video Inceptual on the 2021 deadline and won the video competition. Today we want to say goodbye to you.

When the then 4P editor Paul Kautz approached me in spring 2005 and asked me whether I would like to run a website about the computer demo scene at, I didn’t have to think twice. My love for creative computer art was and is still too big, which has fascinated me for 33 years with its wonderful creations of colors, shapes, technology and abstraction, paired with no less beautiful musical effusions. It was the hour of birth of Since then, around 200 articles have been created on these pages. More than 2000 news reports have been written and a large number of downloads have been added. I was even able to set up one or the other competition. Everything for a heart project that is carried out entirely in my free time and revolves around an extraordinary computer movement, a loved family. will now close its doors on October 31, 2021. And thus also, after 16 wonderful years, Even if I haven’t been as active as before in the last 18 months – work and family eventually pay tribute to my passion – I’ve always been happy when I was able to bring one or the other of you a little closer to the demo scene. When a demo or intro managed to get you into discussion. I am grateful for that. Likewise the editors of, above all Paul Kautz and Jörg Luibl, but also Ben Schmädig, the technical support for Lars Petersen and Marc Packenius. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I will miss this.

And with that I want to come to an end and leave you a little video to say goodbye. As the name suggests, Inceptual is inspired by the movie Inception, but also by Marvel’s Dr. Strange. At the beginning of October I was allowed to publish Inceptual on the 2021 deadline in Berlin and I was happy about the 1st place in the video competition there, together with the incredible Kubbi, who contributed the soundtrack. I hope that you like it.

So now the curtain falls. I say hello, bow and wish you all the best. Maybe you will read yourself again somewhere!