Atari Begins Promoting Xbox Cloud Gaming for Its VCS

Atari The name necessarily evokes something familiar to any gamer with a modicum of interest in the history of the video game industry. A pioneer in large-scale video games, thus opening the door to millions of domestic homes, the brand can boast unparalleled longevity. Your last console, the Atari VCS, is even able to release games from the catalog Xbox Cloud Gaming!

Do you know the Atari VCS? If the answer is no, it’s not entirely your fault: the project was born in 2018 from a crazy idea of ​​(re)transforming the antiques brand, as when it dominated the market. It is currently only available for the North American market. As a result of crowdfunding, Atari VCS offers a hybrid concept between PC, console, TV box and emulation system … All in a furiously retro (and quite chic) ​​case reminiscent of the brand’s flagship model, the 2600.

What’s wrong with this machine? Very modest specifications, an overly ambitious concept and a catalog much smaller than the “competitors” in the market like Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft. However, it is in fact the catalog of the Xbox that can be accessed directly from Atari! The latest tweet posted in the manufacturer’s official account makes good mention of the Redmond company’s cloud gaming service and highlights Forza Horizon 5 as a commercial argument.

An unstoppable strategy for a console that struggles to face giants like the Xbox Series X|S, but which proves that it can “emulate” them by authorizing the distribution of its game library. It has to be said that the VCS mainly offers retro or upgraded titles like Asteroids Recharged, which even the Xbox One and Series offer for purchase… Accepting catalog distribution Stadia, Luna, GeForce Now and now Xbox Cloud Gaming. It is, therefore, an interesting argument for anyone who wants to get this device.