Austin Evans revolts with toxic fanatics after claiming the “new PS5 is worse”

Austin Evans tackles all the PlayStation fanatics in a new video that insults him in the worst possible way and even reports death threats. The situation seems to have been really serious and has gained great repercussion in the media.

Austin Evans revealed that Sony has made some savings on the new PlayStation 5 model’s heatsink, meaning that the console weighs about 300 grams less and is therefore hotter than PS5 model with the old serial number. Also, the newer model consumes a little more energy, but it’s a little quieter.

Note that the performance of the PS5 has variable GPU, that is, the more heat, the lower the gaming performance due to overclocking. So, in theory, the new PS5 model can run games inferiorly than older models! Look at the problem!

Since Austin posted this video, he’s had to deal with tons of posts, insults and more. The Internet and its toxic fanatics know no limits or decency. Everywhere he is insulted and his statements taken out of context to call him a liar.

He even reports death threats made to colleagues by PlayStation fanatics in his environment.

Austin said, among other things, “I defend my video and what I said. But I think the level of toxicity in the community… is too much, isn’t it? I won’t name names, I’m not like that, but people I know in this group of colleagues they’ve even received death threats and violent things that have no excuse, neither? “

“We’re talking about a PS5, aren’t we? I’m talking about a PS5 that stays a few degrees warmer and has a smaller heat sink. Taking something to such a ridiculous level because of this is, in my opinion, completely unnecessary. That’s why I made this video,” Austin added.

You can find the video he is talking about here:

we of Windows Club we repudiate these attitudes, whether on the Xbox or Playstation side. Don’t go overboard games, it’s just a multibillion-dollar branded video game – in Microsoft’s case it’s trillion. It doesn’t make sense to take your emotional out of control into other people’s games and lives.