Avowed: New Rumor Reveals Lots of Details About Xbox Exclusive RPG

Today (12), the folks at Windows Central shared a bunch of details about Obsidian’s highly anticipated new Xbox exclusive RPG created by Avowed, which we haven’t heard much about since its unveiling in July 2020.

They were given a lot of details about the current state of the game, including that it’s supposed to be in pre-production phase with the studio “close to having a working initial release”, so we could see it in a playable state at E3 2022, and potentially even at The Game Awards (“a small chance”) in late December.

In terms of what to expect, it is said to be based on a “similar, albeit improved mechanism” from The Outer Worlds, featuring “action-oriented first-person combat and in-depth exploration of RPG and storytelling systems.” It is also mentioned that you will borrow Skyrim’s two-handed combat system at the same time it features several classy play styles.

“You could wield two daggers and be a stealthy rogue or dive into archery with a two-handed bow. You could use a combination of swords and magic, or use full two-handed magic, which is needed to wield some of the more potent spells and abilities. “

In addition, the game should feature many elements that will be familiar to Pillars of Eternity fans, with sorcerer spells, weapon enchantments, and Pillars-style weapons all potentially being introduced, and while Avowed is mostly described as “no doubt, it’s the Obsidian’s The Elder Scrolls”, hopefully very more colorful than these titles, even though its initial trailer suggests it could be a pretty dismal game.

Other details:

  • Core gameplay and mechanics are already implemented and functional.
  • Game is in the process of finalizing its initial version, first version where all systems are introduced in a cohesive way as it will be in the game itself.
  • It runs on the Unreal Engine just like The Outer Worlds, sharing all the extra tools that Obsidian has created for RPGs.
  • Gameplay mechanics is focused on dual wielding. Sword/shield type, two weapons, weapon and magic and there will also be spells that need two hands. While weapon enchantments will require the weapon equipped in one hand.
  • Very physical system in spells and scenario. For example, you can use spells or torches to burn a closed wooden door.
  • Gameplay is more action-focused with load outs, unlike Skyrim where you pick your skills from a list. Basically you can equip skills and use them effectively in combat, it will also be possible to create some load outs and switch to be effective in any situation.
  • Structure will be more similar to The Outer Worlds in that you will have a global map and each area is a mini hub rather than being a mega open world connected like Skyrim. As Obisidian is very good at storytelling, it is hoped that this will have more control over the story.
  • Windows Central had access to a demo of the game and was impressed with the gameplay

Windows Central apparently saw the first footage of Avowed and praised him, saying that “seems to play extremely well, common refined action RPG combat in a vibrant medieval fantasy world that I can’t wait to explore.” Here in the Windows Club, we were already very excited about this one, but now the hype levels are sky high!

“Avowed has gone from relative obscurity on my list of most anticipated Xbox games to sit near the top, especially as a big fan of The Outer Worlds. Obsidian’s excellent character writing and branching narrative leaning, combined with the rich world of Pillars of Eternity gives some seriously enormous potential, and I can’t wait to see the game fully revealed. “

What do you think of these new Avowed details? Let us know in the comments below.