Avowed: Obsidian contrata Ryan Warden, ex-produtor de Mass Effect e Dragon Age

Avowed continues its development at Obsidian studios, and in the absence of official news we may try to take some of it out by looking at personnel movements recorded through LinkedIn and other similar sites, on the basis of which we learn that the Obsidian contratou Ryan Warden as the game’s production director, a decidedly seasoned character with experience at Riot Games and BioWare.

Warden arrived at Obsidian in early January 2022, directly from Riot Games, taking on the role of production director of Avowed, the new first-person RPG for Xbox Series X|S and PC set in the world of the Pillars of Eternity but designed to tell an entirely new story and in a way that is also different from previous titles.

There has been no official announcement of Warden joining Obsidian, but that is evident from his LinkedIn profile, as reported by the Idle Sloth Twitter account, in the message below. The developer has a career spanning 17 years, but above all he seems to be decidedly experienced in the field of RPG production, given his resume.

At Riot Games, Warden served as Senior Producer on Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends, but it’s also interesting to see how much he’s done within BioWare, where he’s worked for over 11 years: among the games he’s participated in there are all the biggest team’s successes in the field of more or less classic RPG, with the entire Mass Effect trilogy, Jade Empire e Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In the meantime, we await official information about Avowed, which has shown that it should use Unreal Engine 5 and which, according to reporter Jez Corden, “looks like Skyrim, but more colorful”.