Back 4 Blood debuts as one of the most popular games on Xbox Game Pass

One of the most anticipated games of the year, Back 4 Blood, was released this week directly on Xbox Game Pass. Because of that, it’s always good to look at how to be on the podium of the most popular games on Microsoft’s star service and what has changed with the arrival of the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead.

Analyst Benji-Sales highlighted the following:

Back 4 Blood Day 1 Game Pass Performance

– Debuts as the 4th most popular game on Xbox Console Game Pass (5th overall rating due to 2 FIFA 21 versions)
– Debuts at #3 on the most popular PC Game Pass

The game also set a peak of new players competing on Steam today at 57,883.

Note that it is in the top 4, a good number and is only behind FIFA, Minecraft and Forza Horizon 4. On the PC it also had an excellent performance, and is in third position, only behind Solitaire (mythical Windows game) and again from Forza Horizon 4.

In addition to all this success, it is worth highlighting the strength that Playground Games has in making a racing game so popular all these years, and we believe that it will only lose its popularity next month, with the arrival of Forza Horizon 5.