Back 4 Blood: December update adds progression to single player campaign

Turtle Rock announced on Twitter that as of today, Thursday, December 16th, a new full Back 4 Blood update will be available. As promised earlier, the update includes a single player mode with progression, a seasonal event and more.

In Back 4 Blood it was already possible to play in single player mode before, but this way it was not possible to progress and thus unlock various elements of the game, something somewhat criticized by players. The developers promised changes last month and apparently kept their word.

The new update includes, in fact, a version of the campaign entirely for one player, thanks to which players will be able to advance with the progress of the story and at the same time unlock the cards to strengthen their deck.

In addition, the update also includes new cards, including a new type, the “Burn Cards”, which can be used in Saferooms for temporary effects such as instant healing, increased resistance and more.

A festive event for a limited time, during which Fort Hope and the firing range will feature Christmas decorations and it will also be possible to unlock special skins for characters and weapons, as well as Christmas themed badges and sprays.

To all this is added a very long list of balance changes and bug fixes which you can read in the notes posted by Turtle Rock Studios on their official website.

The news for Back 4 Blood certainly doesn’t end there. As per the official script published last month in 2022, there will also be a new level of difficulty, a co-op mode, as well as Tunnels of Terror, the first expansion of the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass.

Remember that Back 4 Blood is available on Xbox Game Pass, so if you’re a subscriber, it’s always worth taking a look at these new features at no extra cost.