Back 4 Blood Xbox Game Pass release times are now available

Back 4 Blood is already very close to us. It’s hard to believe that this (very expensive game, by the way) will be released on the Xbox Game Pass as early as next week, but it really will, and Turtle Rock Studios is here to prove it with some official release times.

Unless you’re playing on Steam or the Epic Game Store, timings are pretty straightforward. It seems that no matter where you are in the world, the game will be released to midnight of your local time zone in October 12th.

It’s also worth noting that those who purchase Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition will have four-day advance access. There are no specific times as to when this will happen, but judging by the times here, we suspect it will be the same on October 8th.

You can pre-install Back 4 Blood now before it launches on the Xbox Game Pass this month, so be sure to add it to your queue (you’re looking at even 34GB in download size), ready for release on October 12th.

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