Battlefield 2042 fails to beat Halo Infinite on its Steam debut in simultaneous players

Battlefield 2042 officially debuted this Friday, November 19th on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC following an Early Access release available to gamers who have purchased Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition, or are subscribers. While the multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite has been available for nearly a week on Steam. And we have the data.

In this previous access, fans of the Battlefield saga complained about errors and the absence of content and functions present in previous editions of the series. Now, after the official release, criticism materializes in Steam’s general reviews, which can only be left by those who have already purchased and played the game for a while. So far they have left 22,837 reviews “Slightly negative”. Only 24% of player reviews are positive. EA may be facing a problem.

As for Halo Infinite, its release was marked by a peak of more than 270 thousand players simultaneouslyand, that’s too high. While Battlefied 2042 had a peak of 105,000 players, which is also very high and shows that the saga is also going strong.

As Benji-Sales shows, during the day of the release of Battlefield 2042 had about 90,000 playing while Halo Infinite was at this same moment with 140 thousand. Without a doubt, both are to be congratulated.

More people are playing Halo Infinite than Battlefield 2042 on its release day on Steam

Halo is free to play, so it’s absolutely not a direct comparison, but it’s crazy to see a new Battlefield game, a huge PC franchise with fewer Steam players than a new Halo.

As Benji said, it’s not such a fair comparison as Halo Infinite is also on the Microsoft store which is used by many Xbox Game Pass subscribers and BF 2042 is also paid. However, it’s the release day of EA’s shooter, whereas Halo has a few days there already. Anyway, both games are to be congratulated.