Battlefield 2042: fans ask for a postponement to improve the game after the beta

The Battlefield 2042 public beta ended this weekend with conflicting opinions to say the least and a lot of fans who even ask EA to postpone the game so we can work on it more and improve it after what’s been played.

We had already seen that something was not going well, with EA shares falling due to criticism on Reddit, but also some “official” rumors within the series and FPS in general seem to share the idea that Battlefield 2042 needs more time to reach its full potential.

Critics are generally unanimous in evaluating Battlefield 2042 as a game full of potential, but one that simply needs a little more time to get cleaned up the right way and optimized to the fullest. Which, however, could already have happened, as the beta is still based on a version from months ago, as reported by DICE.

In any case, it is quite impressive to see well-known insider Tom Henderson among those who still expect another postponement for Battlefield 2042, after the first already announced, in order to improve the situation.

Even the insider of ModernWarzone seems to be of the same opinion, rating it as the Battlefield 2042 beta, also compared to Call of Duty: Vanguard, but above all from Halo Infinite, looked less convincing at the time. Of all three great shooters this year, the Halo Infinite is having the biggest ordeal of the public until then.

To these are also added several interventions in Reddit and NeoGAF, among others, with a series of feedbacks on some specific elements of the game. In general, we talk about moving problems, map designing, and building Experts, all of which are minor bugs that could be fixed with a little more work, so a postponement might do him some good.