Battlefield 2042: Open Beta Delayed But Not Too Long

The Battlefield 2042 Beta game was supposed to start this morning – October 8, 2021 – around 4:00 am Brazilian time. Some players may have noticed that this was not the case. The developers announced that there will be a minimum delay and the actual start will be at 06:00 Brazilian time.

The announcement was made via Twitter, where the team wrote: β€œTo ensure everything goes as planned, we will take some time to perform essential maintenance on the servers before moving to open access.” Battlefield 2042 will become an open beta every minute then.

As always, there is a possibility that there may be another last-second delay, but at the moment there has been no such report from the Battlefield 2042 team. So there’s nothing left to do but wait for the open beta to start.

The beta has attracted a good number of players so far, so moving to the open version will certainly see a significant increase.