Become the Master Chief thanks to this official Xbox app

Microsoft has just launched its new advertising campaign for Halo Infinite called “Become Yourself”. Well, it was to be expected that Master Chief was its central point, the idea here is “Become the Hero”, and puts you as if you really were the protagonist of the saga.

We’re seeing this with new Live Action promotional videos, more intensity and movement on social media, and now with a web app to become the Master Chief.

The app is simple and works from a web browser, so you can access it from any device whether your PC or mobile. Even so, you should have access to a camera and more or less decent lighting. You just have to stand still while the system parameterizes your face and you let it take a picture.

Below, see an example in the following video:

The app will turn your face to the boss’s face, put an armor on you and launch you onto the battlefield. You can download the video and share it on social media. Personally, I recommend that you have good lighting.

If interested, please visit this link to use the official Xbox web app.