Bethesda already has another unannounced project in progress

Without a doubt, Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda meant a before and an after. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most talented companies on its roster and with a number of studios worthy of admiration. All of this leads to the constant creation of new ideas and projects, like the next one Redfall, which will arrive from mid 2022, and Starfield, who will do the same on November 11, 2022. But obviously these won’t be the only ones and they can already figure out who will be responsible for the next big game: Bethesda Game Studios Montreal.

The company’s Canadian subsidiary is currently immersed in Elder Scrolls Blades, the mobile version of TES. However, through the LinkedIn profile of one of his creatives, we learn that he already has his next project underway.

Maxime Ciccotti is the studio’s level designer, responsible for part of the development of Elder Scrolls Blades, and is the one who recently updated his LinkedIn profile. An update in which you added a new entry stating that you are working on a new game not yet announced.

Obviously, we know little more about this project, but it’s interesting to see how Bethesda’s machinery runs its course. What will the studio be? A new proposal for xCloud similar to Elder Elcrols Blades? A new IP or a new return?