Bethesda and id Software Congratulate Nintendo on launching Metroid Dread with art from DOOM

Earlier this week on Nintendo World, Doom Slayer was announced as a Mii wrestler costume for Super Smash Bros. wrestler. Ultimate. Well, that doesn’t stop there, and Bethesda wanted to pay tribute to Nintendo in a way.

Now, a few days later, the id Software and Bethesda congratulated Nintendo and MercurySteam for the latest Switch exclusive, Metroid Dread. To celebrate, he recreated the latest Metroid box art with Doom Slayer on the front. Here’s a look:

While Metroid may not be accessible on Xbox Series X|S (well, in most cases), DOOM and DOOM Eternal are – in fact, you can even play them through Xbox Game Pass. Some other series like Quake and Wolfenstein are also on this service.

As noted earlier, id Software also recognized the Doom Slayer costume with the following tweet: