Bethesda Celebrates Scary Anniversary of The Evil Within Series

Four years ago, The Evil Within 2 was released on Xbox. Tomorrow will do seven years since the first game graced our consoles. became a kind of hit cult series, with many more Xbox owners discovering the franchise since they both joined the Xbox Game Pass earlier this year. As expected, Bethesda celebrated the series’ anniversary on social media with beautiful artwork.

Featuring the game’s protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos, the stunning image gives an anime style to the series, which we’d love to put on our wall. Unfortunately, printing on A3-sized paper is as far as we’re likely to go.

Understandably, the comments call for a third game in the franchise, which is no surprise. For those who haven’t yet immersed themselves in any of The Evil Within games, they’re a real horror fueled pleasure – especially the sequel, which incorporates some open-world elements.

Currently, the Tango Gameworks team is working on the next Ghostwire:Tokyo which is the last temporary exclusive for PlayStation, but during the Tokyo Game Show broadcast from Xbox, the studio founder Shinji Mikami revealed that another title is in development, directed by the director of The Evil Within 2, John Johan.

This gives us hope that a third title is on the way. Otherwise, the sequel ended on an extremely high note and we would be happy to value the Sebastian adventures we have. If you haven’t checked it out, the Xbox Game Pass is definitely your friend now.

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