Bethesda is “absolutely committed” to single player games on Xbox

Today at IGN, Bethesda gave us an interview that is pure gold. The respondent is nothing more and nothing less than Todd Howard, so what that man says is always a gift. Even more so if it’s new information about the immediate future of Xbox, as we remind you that Bethesda is now part of Redmond’s studio conglomerate.

The interview gave a lot of information, but personally I was left with some statements that at least excited me. And is that Howard says that now the focus seems to be on single-player games. According to the creative, this is part of his history and values, and he remembered that even in his multiplayer foray with Fallout 76 they added content to play alone.

With Fallout 76 we add Wastelanders and that kind of thing, the number of people who want to play like a solo experience is very, very strong.

In fact, the projects we know are active they are precisely one-player games. and that’s where Starfield e The Elder Scrolls VI enter. However, just because Bethesda is betting on experiences for one player doesn’t mean it hasn’t experienced some kind of hybrid.

Howard himself confessed during the interview and, from his statements, it is understood that they tried formats similar to those that Dark Souls offers, without going any further.

There are a lot of ways to talk about adding social elements to a game that I don’t think detracts from the solo experience. We got involved with some of them and we don’t publish them, there are things on paper, things we’d like to try out in our games… So I don’t want to rule that out either.

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