Big December update published and winter event started

Amazon Game Studios has ended the speculation and today, Thursday, the fans long-awaited December update 1.2 for the online role-playing game New World (from 39,99€ at pre-order) released. The maintenance work required for this, which has now been completed, took place in the morning so that you can immediately jump into the online adventure.

Among other things, the December update makes a change to the watermark system. From now on there is instead a competence system that is used for all weapons and armor and calculates the relative effectiveness of the individual items. With the help of a new resource you can gradually increase the competence value and thus improve your equipment. That in turn should provide more motivation in the endgame. In addition, you can expect some new quests, further crafting rewards above a skill of 200 and adjustments to PvP. The full and very detailed patch notes are available on the New World website.

At the same time as the update was released, the go-ahead was given for a large-scale winter event. You can take part in numerous seasonal activities until January 11, 2022 and earn the new winter brands through repeatable events. You then invest this in cosmetic items. There is also a series of quests on the winter get-together, exploring the ice caves and festive decorations. You can find more details about the event on the official website.

New World was released for PC on September 28, 2021.

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