Bioshock 4: Rumor has it that you are kidnapping you in icy climes

Only last month there was a leak with interesting details about the next Bioshock episode (we reported). Among other things, there was a city divided into two and the name Bioshock: Isolation. A confirmation from the developer is still pending. But now another leak has appeared.

The new information comes from YouTuber, podcast host and industry veteran Colin Moriarty. In the latest episode of his podcast “Sacred Symbols”, the next Bioshock episode was also a topic. According to him, the game is being developed under the internal project name “Parkside”. In addition, the game is said to take place in a town called Borealis, which in turn can be found in the icy Antarttkis. Unfortunately Moriarty did not provide further details on the content.

However, he said that the developers of Cloud Chamber Games are very well aware of the high expectations from the community. These would inevitably compare the next Bioshock episode to both the earlier games in the series and the new work by Bioshock creator Ken Levine. He is currently working with his studio Ghost Story Games on a heavily story-based game that will also appear under the banner of 2K Games.