Bioshock Infinite Writer Joins Development of The Outer Worlds 2

As usual in this type of news, it was the protagonist himself who revealed the information through his social networks. Joe Fielder just joined the team of storytellers at The Outer Worlds 2 in full time. Obsidian Entertainment announced the title last summer at E3. As for The Outer Worlds, it was released in October 2019.

Fielder’s tweet mentions that he has been working part-time with the studio for several months, but has just accepted the position of Senior Narrative Designer, that is, a strong position in the script of this sequel. You will have to coordinate the work of the writers and the role of defining how the universe created on paper will come to life in the game.

Joe Fielder is used to rich and elaborate narratives, especially when it comes to Science fiction. It all started in the now-defunct franchise Medal of Honor. He later joined the writing team of Bioshock Infinite and its expansions. He recently worked on the acclaimed Deathloop. There’s a common denominator in all the games he’s worked on: action and adventure are in the service of a strong and interesting script. Undoubtedly, he is a man of great talent.

The newly appointed director says that your sense of humor should fit perfectly with Obsidian’s vision for The Outer Worlds 2. For the first trailer shown at E3 2021, the studio seems to want to continue along the same lines with this issue.